Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Debbie's "Pomegranate Holiday Mat" in Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine!

Debbie's First Quilt Publication Coming Soon!

"Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine"

Winter Issue 2013

I am so excited to see my "Pomegranate Holiday Tablemat" in the next issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine!  There will be complete instructions for you to make one of your own!  I am having a "fun contest" to enter your name in a drawing for a "free one-year subscription or renewal" of this magazine!  All you need to do is enter a "COMMENT' about this news with your name and address and phone number.  Good luck!    


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Quilts and Needlework with Debbie: Effie's Baskets QuiltI have wanted to start this ...

Quilts and Needlework with Debbie: Effie's Baskets Quilt
I have wanted to start this ...
: Effie's Baskets Quilt I have wanted to start this quilt for a while and finally the day has come!  It is a Jo Morton design t...

Effie's Baskets Quilt

I have wanted to start this quilt for a while and finally the day has come!  It is a Jo Morton design that I fell in love with.  I am going to make it in very primitive colors; blacks, browns, and beiges, and the border I have in mind will make it all come together!  The blocks measure 6 3/4" and it has a very unique layout that I will share with you as I progress. 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Scarlet Letter

Elizabeth Sheffield, Newport, Rhode Island, dated 1784
Reproduction Sampler by the Scarlet Letter
I made this sampler in the Years 2011-2012 and thought you would enjoy seeing it.  The colors are magnificent and that is what kept me going!  It was a lot of work, with a majority of the stitches over one thread.  I began in the upper right hand corner stitching the "blue bird".  I felt that if I could stitch him I would be able to do the rest.  I worked on this with a friend of mine, Carole, who also completed her own piece.  I have been thinking of what my next one will be!

Blackbird Designs "Christmas Garden" Sampler

As the summer days draw to a close, I thought I would go outside and snap a picture of my "Christmas Garden" sampler for you.  I love working on a Blackbird sampler as it grows into a
beautiful group of motifs!  I had mine framed at Hobby Lobby and they really did a nice job!  I wanted it to look like an antique sampler. 



Friday, August 23, 2013

Wool applique quit designed by Kim Diehl.

I know you must be surprised that I am finally updating my "blogspot".  Well, I have a confession,
I am not a computer wiz and for the longest time just couldn's seem to find the right buttons to press to update my blog!  But -- now -- you will be sorry!  I have finally succeeded! 

This is my octagon quilt that I finished from the class that was taken last September at Material Rewards quilt shop in Dansville, New York.  Our teacher was Kim Diehl, who also designed this beautiful piece! It was all hand embroidered with a blanket stitch and hand quilted using a long-stitch method using Valdani threads.  The wool is all hand dyed in rich tones of blues, red, golds, browns, and greens.  Very whimsical I think!


Sauder Village Quilt Show in Archbold, Ohio, May 2013

In May the Sauder Village Museum had its annual quilt show and I entered my "Robert's Floral Garden" quilt in the show.  It was my first applique quilt that I made and it was quilted by the ladies from the Sauder Village quilt shop, Threads of Tradition.  Pictured in front of the quilt are my friends Karen and Mary Jo, and sister Pat, and mother Marilyn.  We are all surprised to see the "Blue Ribbon" on the quilt when we entered the show.  It was the first quilt we saw as we entered -- how exciting!