Thursday, February 9, 2012

My French Inspirations Pillow and Mr. Tomato Bird

I loved making this pillow using the new Moda toweling and hand dyed wools!  I stitched the wool applique pieces using buttonhole and overhand stitches with beautiful hand dyed threads.  The soft colors of pink, rosy red berries, bordeaux pomegranate, blue heron, and green look lovely on my applique "Harvest Basket" quilt by Blackbird Designs.

Now meet Mr.Tomato Bird Makedo.  Every now and then I just have to make a "makedo".  This one is now my favorite!  It is French Inspirations design creation which I love.  I used Moda red wool and Valdani green 202 hand dyed thread for the feather stitch and buttonhole stitch.  He came to life when I placed him on a fence post finial which I stained walnut.  Boy what we go through to create our "makedo's".  Wait until you see some of my others in the near future!

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  1. Debbie -- Your creations are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us and congratulations on your new blog!!